Where To Find Our Publications

Here you’ll find a list of centers which have a copy of the Braille Quran in English Saheeh International Translation accessible to the public: NEW JERSEY Dar-Ul-Islam (Elizabeth, NJ) New Brunswick Islamic Center (New Brunswick, NJ) NIA Masjid and Community Center (Newark, NJ) North Hudson Islamic Education Center (Union City, NJ)* Jam-e-Masjid Islamic Center (Boonton, NJ) […]

Reading Can be a Lifeline for The Blind

Being blind can sometimes put you in both a lonely and scary world at times. Reading is a way for the blind to not only build self-confidence through the practice of it but it can also help the blind community make connections through things like reading groups. According to (www.readingagency.org),” reading plays a vital role […]

Spreading Braille Copies of Islamic Educational Literature

As-salaam ‘Alaykum There is a certain power as you read something for yourself, it gives you the ability to control and interact on a more personal level with scripture. That is why it is our mission to extend the ability to read the word of Allah and produce braille scripture for both the blind Muslim […]