Why Donate?

Your donations will fund the production and distribution of braille copies of the Saheeh International translations of the holy Quran and other Islamic literature free of charge. 

With your help, we will circulate these copies to Islamic centers, libraries, and organizations across the United States, and eventually world-wide! Your support will help make a tangible difference in the blind community, as we help more people discover the word of Allah through the gift of literacy. 

Production costs for books written in brail require equipment far more expensive than a regular printing press. First and foremost your funds will help our investment and maintenance of this equipment so that we can focus our efforts on the distribution of this Holy material. If you can help support our cause financially, you can trust that your donations will be used to cover these production and distribution costs. If you’re not in a position where you can help us financially, please contact us and find out how you can volunteer your time to help our cause, and help the blind and Muslim communities everywhere.

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  • We can produce one English Braille Quran for every $300 we receive.
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